What is Virtal Orthodontic Visit?

Virtual Orthodontic Visit (VOV) is an online dental solutions App. Our long-terms goal is to provide patient with answers from nearby Orthodontist without leaving your home.

What are the benefits of a Virtual Orthodontic Visit?

You have the ability to have an orthodontic exam whenever and wherever you want.
Most orthodontists are now willing to quote orthodontic fees to you through this virtual platform.
VOV may allows you to skip a orthodontic visit according to a schedule provided by your orthodontist.
Busy kids can perform their growth and development appointments (also known as observation appointments) remotely so they don’t need to miss school or sports.
Retainer solutions can be customized for each patient

What is the Cost of My Treatment?

We provide quality and personalized care while keeping your individuality in mind. Our goal is to provide you with treatment cost concerns within 24 hours


Virtual Orthodontics Consults

Start your virtual consult, and our orthodontic experts will review your information and contact you within 48 hours with details and options.


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